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We create games for drink coasters provides exclusive, new promotion game licenses for printing on your coasters, beer mats or other drink mats, together with your logo.
Worldwide or national or regional, exclusive or non-exclusive licenses available.

For breweries, mineral water companies, beverage brands, mineral water brands and any other companies, who want to boost a brand by our new, invented games.

No other sales promotion products can beat ALL these advantages:

  1. Your product logo and name under permanent extreme attention!
  2. These games are addicting (try it)! People play them again and again
  3. No extra production costs (your coasters have to be printed anyway)
  4. Low license cost
  5. Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses available
  6. Even the name of the game can be yours: "Yourbrand Game" (exclusive licenses only)
Just one example — We have more ... we probably have the perfect one for your business. Contact us.

Can you think of any better promotional games to play at bars, clubs, cafés or restaurants? We don't think so. Even more so when your product is available in these places. Time to calculate.
Ask us for possibilities.

Promotion Games to enhance your sales

Just one example:
The Yearstrike Game®
You see the back side with game rules and the front with the game.
Of course this is a low resolution version. The real printed version has pixel clear quality. TRY IT OUT!

For downloading and printing this low resolution game: right click and save to desktop.

Prices of licenses depend on the number of printed games, the time period and also on the degree of exclusivity. Nonexlusive licenses are the cheapest. We sell exclusive licenses per product group or per region, country, world.
Please contact us for a detailed price offer, tailored to your product, service, brand, marketing needs.

We have other original games for your product or company.
Just ask for it with the contact form.

Download this game here (low resolution tryout version) for free

Your potential clients enter a cafe, pub, bar or restaurant.
They take a seat and what is on the table? Your game.  Of course they want to know what it is they're looking at.  It's a game and on the back side are the rules of the game.
A lot of these people will want to try out the game. They just need some ballpoint pen or pencil to play it.
And they will play it again and again.
All the time they are looking at your logo with focused attention! So your brand is "burned" into the minds of your prospects.
What more could you wish from a promotion product?
Oh, and if you are working in the promotion business and have to convince your boss or marketing team, be sure to have them actually "play" the game. Because that's how they will become convinced of the power.

Play the games once and you're hooked, so will your prospects


Worldwide licenses — Tiny investment — Huge ROI

Can we try this out for free?

YES! You have to play a game at least once. So you realize what it will do for your business promotion.

Just download this sample game for free to try it out. Then come back to us.

Did you invent these games yourself?


All our games are invented in house.

Can we put the game on our web site?

Normally not, except if we come to a special agreement, but then we're talking about a worldwide exclusive license. There are possibilities for downloadable and printable versions or for development of interactive web games. Contact us for more information.

Can we order printed beer coasters?

We don't print. We only sell licenses and deliver hi res files of the chosen game for your graphics department or your coaster printer.

Do you look for resellers?

If you're serious, we can talk.

How much will this cost us?

Not much, also depending on exclusivity.

We ask only a small license fee and so you are able to make a big profit from selling more of your products.

About us


We have more than thirty years of experience in marketing, communication and promotion for all kinds of companies and products.
We invented only a few top games with exactly brand communication in mind. You can take advantage of our unique marketing position with these games.
You don't have to be a big company to have big ideas, right?
P. Roosens — Game Inventor


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